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23 December 2009

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Horse in Sowbelly Canyon
13 December 2009

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6 December 2009

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Flag Burning
3 December 2009

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Red Chili Pieppers
15 November 2009

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Mother & Son
28 April 2009

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Open Market
27 March 2009

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Corn Harvest
15 March 2009

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Church Steeple - Boston, MA
23 February 2009

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Man on bench
5 February 2009

Recent Comments

Monica on Antique Wrenches
Plz forgive my ignorant snap judgement. Everything ive seen has given me pause.ty.

Monica on Antique Wrenches
My fascination with tools in general but especially the older wood working tools is really growing . I love cleaning ...

Magda on Glass Chapel
Beautiful. Shalom from Romanian

Mariana on Glass Chapel
woow... nice

Viktoria on Western Boots on fence post
i see this on the fences in my state all the time, these are great !

RJ Duering on Lake Sunset - Maloney
Absolutely breathtaking! Beautiful picture!

RJ Duering on Storm clouds
Absolutely Awesome!!!!

Sarito on Pot bellied Pig & Little Girl
how cute.. very innocent..

Self-Indulgence on Carhenge
Best shot yet!

Martin on Carhenge
Hey Tam!!!! great shot, havnt been there for years, when I was last there, this was all situated in the middle of a ...

Curly on Carhenge
Very interesting art Tamra, but it pales to a folly for those who have been and seen the real deal at Stonehenge.

Tamara on Carhenge
Funny shot ... but lovely composition ! Well done :)

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on Carhenge
wow - I want that for christmas!!

Sylvie49 capture image on Carhenge
beautiful scene

Mj007 on Carhenge - Alliance, NE
i wanna go there!! very well done!!

Candid1 on Carhenge - Alliance, NE
I know this place well! My ex-husband's sister lives in Alliance and I've driven by this many many times.

Tamra on Carhenge
DigitalGC - I had never seen photos of Dubhenge before. It made me smile. Thanks for sending the link.

Self-Indulgence on Carhenge
Love it!

Shahryar on Carhenge
wonderful :)

digitalCG on Carhenge
Ha, reminds me of in the UK, mid 90's.

Self-Indulgence on Sodhouse
Perfect serene setting.

Galaxy on Sodhouse
hmmm Nice picture.lovely place

Theys on Sodhouse
Beautiful composition really well!

k@ on Sodhouse
I love the mood and would adore to be here ! Super cute hairy roof too ;)

Joan Felix on Sodhouse
I hope i will be there, so natural, so beauty, so perfect

Marie LC on Toadstool Park - Nebraska
impressive and good capture

Sylvain on Toadstool Park
Very nice mountains. I love the stratifications on the rocks

Curly on Toadstool Park
A fantastic view, how high are those hills/mountains?

Marie LC on Toadstool Park
very nice landscape

Martin on Antique Wrenches
Great eye as usual Tam :) looking forward to seeing shots with that new camera you bought :)

Self-Indulgence on Antique Wrenches
Very nice comp. Love the old, old things.

Antoine on Antique Wrenches
Very nice composition.

Garfield on Antique Wrenches
Great find. Like the colors ans wonderful textures. Well composed.

Curly on Antique Wrenches
I'm just wondering if a light high pass sharpen might just add a little extra "punch" to those wonderful ...

LauraS on Horse in Sowbelly Canyon
Beautiful shot. Wind in her hair, healthy as a horse. Great shot.

Gina on Horse in Sowbelly Canyon
I love horses!! Very well done

dabbler on Sowbelly Canyon
A breathtaking landscape - where's the belly? :-)

Curly on Sowbelly Canyon
Nice composition, I have to chuckle at the name of the place!

Curly on Longhorn cattle
Delightful shot Tamra, am I right in thinking that these cattle are particular to Texas?

Shahryar on Longhorn cattle
beautiful place :)

Kim on Storm clouds over Ft. Robinson buttes
I also thought this was an old castle but looking again we find beautiful cliffs. Lovely composition! Would be a great ...

Curly on Storm clouds over Ft. Robinson buttes
Odd rocks, they look more like a ruined castle.

Marie-France on Storm clouds over Ft. Robinson buttes
very beautiful landscape...

Gildas on Colorful Motel
Un bel assemblage de couleurs

Curly on Colorful Motel
Great colours, but don't think I'll be staying there, it looks a bit run down.

k@ on Colorful Motel
Superbly pinkish !

Skyriani on Colorful Motel

Tamra on Dragonfly
Thanks Marty. I hope you get a blog on here soon so I can watch for your photos. Keep me posted.

Martin on Dragonfly
Hey beautifully done, great eye as always, and thank you for the heads up on this site :), gona go check out your ...

Curly on Dragonfly
Very good macro shot Tamra.

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